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Delair’s Carpet Barn blinds & window treatments control light and privacy, improve interior design

Delair’s Carpet Barn has a very-wide selection of affordable blinds & window treatments to complement any home’s interior décor.

Blinds & window treatments give homeowners control of light, privacy, and design, the three primary considerations in any home’s interior. You can easily control the amount of light and privacy that each room in your home receives with the right blinds and window treatments. In addition, these affordable products can also improve the look of your interior design without the high cost of major renovations. Delair’s Carpet Barn has experienced design advisors and installers that will show you the many blinds & window treatments best suited for your home.

Be informed before you shop for blinds & window treatments

There are several things to consider prior to going shopping for blinds & window treatments in a showroom or online. Delair’s Carpet Barn knows that every home is different and that every homeowner wants window treatments that will best suit their budget and décor, while they control room lighting and privacy. Here is a list of helpful tips that will aid you in finding the window coverings:

  • Identify the light sources – First, understand how much light travels through each window and how that light may affect the room and the objects within it. Keep in mind that incoming sunlight can affect the temperature of the room, requiring heavier window coverings. Incoming direct sunlight can also bleach your floors or furnishings over time. Some rooms may receive less light than others. These rooms are better suited to light window coverings, since they will not be as affected by incoming UV rays. Make a note about the amount of light for each window, so our experts can help you choose the best blinds & window treatments for each.
  • Know how much you can spend – Shopping is much easier when you narrow down your available choices. Know how much you can really spend on your blinds and shades before you actually begin to shop; this will eliminate many product choices and make it easier to choose.
  • We offer fast delivery and professional installation – Thanks to our fast delivery system, you can have your window products delivered to you in just a few days. We can also provide professional installation. Delair’s Carpet Barn installers are licensed and have extensive experience installing our products for homeowners in East Montpelier, Morrisville, Stowe and Waterbury, VT. You can also rely on the fact that your warranty will be valid after installation.
Blinds & Window Treatments in East Montpelier, VT area from Delairs Carpet & Flooring
Order your new blinds and window treatments online or stop in at one of our showrooms in East Montpelier. We will show you just how easy and affordable new blinds & window treatments can be!