Well, it finally happened; the big snow hit us in Vermont and many other states. It was bad enough to keep many people home from work and school, and it forced many drivers to fight their way from one place to another, often no more than a few feet! While it wasn't record-breaking in terms of snow fall (that happened back in 2010), it was bad enough to cause a lot of damage. Here is just one report on the event:
“MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) -- The Northeast was in dig-out mode Wednesday, a day after a treacherous storm packing strong winds and accompanying plummeting temperatures left some residents dealing with rock-hard ice and others with more than 2 feet of snow. The upshot: a late-season boost to the region's ski areas.”

Source: www.nola.com

​One type of damage from the storm occurred in homes that have hardwood flooring. Coming in and out of the home or business with debris on shoes can damage the surface of the wood flooring. Also, de-icing chemicals can affect these wood floors, and, of course, all wood floors may be susceptible to scratching from stones and grit on the bottom of boots. When any of these happen to your wood flooring, we encourage you to come to Delair's Carpet Barn, and talk to us about our wood floor refinishing service.

While there are many causes of damage to hardwood flooring, including something as simple as direct sunlight, bad weather is often one of the worst culprits. The good news is that our wood floor refinishing service can bring your floor back to new life, and we can do this for you at rates that are very affordable.

As we recover from the big snow, it is important that homes and businesses with hardwood flooring, inspect their flooring. Gouges, deep scratching, and the removal of the top finish, are all problems that you need to have repaired as soon as possible, as these are the common problems that lead to bigger, more complicated problems. It is always better to resolve these problems while they are still small, rather than to let them expand, as they usually will. A hardwood floor can only get worse on its own; it cannot get better until you bring in a wood floor refinishing service to correct the issues.

If you need to have your hardwood flooring brought back to new life, looking as it did when it was new, come to Delair's Carpet Barn in East Montpelier, Vermont and talk to us about our professional wood floor refinishing service.