There are times when people come into Delair's Carpet Barn and ask us if our professional wood floor refinishing service can be used on engineered hardwood flooring. The answer is almost always yes. While most of our customers have a good understanding of solid hardwood flooring and how it can be brought back to new life through refinishing, they are not so sure about engineered hardwood. Here are some tips that you will find interesting if you have engineered wood flooring and want it refinished.
As you know, engineered hardwood flooring is composed of layers of wood, compressed together, and topped with a wear-layer that is made of the actual species of hardwood that the consumer selected. It is this top layer, or wear layer, that we are concerned with when we think about any wood floor refinishing service.

When you bought your flooring, it came with a rating for the top layer that is expressed in millimeters. For instance, your engineered flooring may have a top layer that is 2mm or it may be 4mm, or some other thickness. A general rule of thumb is that the number of millimeters expressed is the number of times your flooring can be sanded down and refinished over the normal course of its lifetime, which can run from 20 years to as many as 80 years (depending on quality of product). If you have an engineered flooring system that is only rated at 1mm, you cannot refinish that flooring with traditional sanding; the top layer is too thin. That's why residents in East Montpelier turn to Delair's Carpet Barn - we offer top-quality wood floor refinishing services.

For those who have engineered hardwood flooring systems and wish to have them refinished, we encourage you to visit with us and let us tell you about what we can do for your flooring, and how we do it. Our wood floor refinishing service is very affordable, yet it is also one of the best in the entire area in, and around, East Montpelier, Vermont.