Even if you've been told the floors in your home were always well-maintained, it's simply a good idea to assess the state of your finish. While dirty planks look better after a thorough cleaning, a hardwood that wasn't well-cared for or that experienced high traffic generally won't improve in appearance after regular cleaning. So, how do you know if your planks need more than just a deeper clean? Is the wood floor refinishing the answer? Let's go over 3 ways to determine if your floors need a new finish.

Check the general appearance

Compare the appearance of your planks in different areas to get an idea of their condition. Choose two places in the same room, one in a high traffic area, the other in a more hidden section. Comparing these two spots will give you a good indication as to the state of your floors. If you feel the wood is very different in both places – worn out or dull in one area versus the other spot that looks better – then consulting a wood refinishing service would be a good idea for a more in-depth, professional assessment.

Test the surface

Once you decide you’d like a better idea of the state of your finish, consider trying the water test to get more answers. Simply put, pour about 1 tablespoon on water directly onto your wood planks and observe what happens. Typically, when the water is absorbed into the hardwood, it is a sign that the finish is weak or worn off. As such, you’ll likely need re-sanding and re-finishing.

Review the upgrade history

Normally, it is recommended to get wood floor refinishing every 10-15 years. However, this does depend greatly on the quality and species of the hardwood. Different manufacturers and wood types have varying upkeep, cleaning, and maintenance requirements. When moving into a new home, it’s essential to know what kind of wood you have, so you understand how to treat them. If you’re unsure of what sort of hardwood installation you have in your home, then consult a wood floor refinishing specialist for an assessment. Otherwise, if you’re aware of the history of your floors and it has been over 10 years since they’re been redone, then it’s best to book a wood floor refinishing service as soon as you can.

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