When your family includes both two-legged and four-legged members, there are additional considerations when it comes to choosing a floor, and rightly so. Our pets become members of our family and in some cases, they play essential functions in keeping loved ones safe and healthy. So, what are your options, and is vinyl flooring pet friendly?

The simple answer: Yes

What are the two most important things that we need in a floor when it comes to our pets? It needs to resist scratches and scuffs from their little nails, and it needs to offer easy clean up from spills to shed fur. Luxury vinyl floors provide all of that. They have a durable wear-layer that resists scratches and scuffing from even the most excitable animals and even if a scratch were caused, in most cases, they blend very neatly in with the texture and design of the floor itself. Furthermore, they are fully waterproof and are easy to clean up with a broom or a mop. With very little effort, they will look as good as new after every mess that is made.

Added Perks

Even beyond the essentials, there are perks to having vinyl flooring in your home when you have pets. They do not build up static-electric charges in the wintertime, they do not collect dander that might trigger your allergies, and they are softer underfoot than other forms of hard surfaces. The underlayment used also helps to dampen the sound of the “pitter-patter” of small feet and serves to provide a layer of insulation between your floor and a cold, concrete subfloor. What could be better? Both your types of family members will thank you.

At Delair’s Carpet Barn, we are your source for luxury vinyl in East Montpelier, VT. We also serve the surrounding areas of Morrisville, Stowe, and Waterbury. If you are considering vinyl floors, whether you have a pet or not, give us a call or stop by. One of our knowledgeable salespeople will be happy to walk you through all the benefits that these products will bring to both your home.