Typically, hardwood slats can be redone by a floor refinishing service. However, if you have hand-scraped or distressed planks, you may wonder if this is indeed the case for your home. In this article, our Delair’s Carpet Barn showroom experts in East Montpelier, Vermont, will examine whether or not you can rely upon wood floor refinishing to restore your hard surfacing if your planks are hand-scraped.

Salvaging hand-scraped slats – Is it possible?
Whether you’re in love with the rustic look, or simply wanted a one-of-a-kind look for your home, distressed or hand-scraped planks certainly add a richness and texture that’s not often seen in other materials. Not only does this type of material add a unique, beautiful quality to a room, it also offers a design that naturally hides small scrapes, scuff marks, and dents. Truly, these things are a regular occurrence in all households, inevitable, really, be it a busy one with kids and pets, or that of a single individual.

But let’s say, for the sake of argument that your planks have a bit of extra damage, more than just a few dents and scratches? Well, depending upon how bad the damage is, you can indeed choose hardwood floor refinishing for some light sanding and re-scraping. In fact, with so many modern finish and stain options, it’s relatively easy for a professional team to redo your planks. Finding an ideal color to match your slats, as well, shouldn’t be that difficult either. Actually, if you don’t like the color they are presently, you can take this opportunity to change the color of your planks.

Engineered slats can also be redone
At this point, we also want to make sure to mention that hand-scraped or distressed engineered slats can also be redone by the experts. However, what does matter in this instance is the depth of the damage, as the depth of the scraping can affect the results of the wood floor refinishing service. Essentially, if the damage is deep beyond the bevels and layers of the scraping, then the damage won’t disappear when the slats are redone.