Scratches definitely can be removed by refinishing, either with or without sanding. That is one of the big advantages of hardwood floors, lasting for decades, sometimes up to 100 years, and often look better with age. 

After many years, though, they might look dull or excessively scratched.  As long as there is no structural damage, a refinishing service will bring them back to their original luster. Sometimes it’s difficult to determine if you need refinishing right away.  It’s always best to call an expert such as from Delair’s Carpet Barn if you have questions about hardwood refinishing in East Montpelier, VT.

When sanding isn’t needed

Scratches are often in the veneer and not in the wood itself, and that will require only a good buffing and change of finish. Be sure the floor’s in good shape, so dust and mop thoroughly and mop with a gentle solution of warm water with a little castile soap.  Be sure to check your warranty before using any cleaning solution; some manufacturers advise the use of water-only and will void the warranty if anything else is used.

What is the sanding process?

If scratches are deep enough to penetrate the wood, a sanding drum with grit removes the wood layers past the scratches. Sanding drums are heavy, laborious, and difficult to navigate, so should only be used by an expert.

Then several coats of stains are applied, with each coat needing to be thoroughly dry before the other coat is added. When that is complete, the finishing, either oil or water-base, is applied on top to protect the wood. A stain isn’t the same as the finish.  Stain adds color; the finish is clear and protects the floor.

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