We love our indoor spaces and so do our pets and children. On really hot days, there's nothing like retreating to your favorite spot on the floor with an icy drink. On those crazy cold days, pure bliss is a cozy blanket (or your dog) and your favorite spot on the floor facing the fireplace. Our floors are an integral part of our daily routine. They stand up to kids and spills, pets and scratches, and grown messes every day.

Hardwood floor refinishing takes on importance when we feel our floor covering doesn't reflect the beauty it once did. An important telltale sign that your wood floors need expert help is when water begins to absorb into the wood instead of beading. If that becomes the norm, it's time to hire a floor refinishing service and return your wood flooring to its natural beauty.

Delair's Carpet Barn, East Montpelier, Vermont, uses seasoned pros for your wood covering needs. Call us and find out about giving your floor the makeover it deserves.

Once your refinishing is done, you can go back to enjoying your beautiful floors. Here are some suggestions on how you can keep your floor covering in tip-top shape:

  • Sweeping and vacuuming regularly keeps the natural beauty of the wood shining through;
  • Mopping up spills and dealing with any stains promptly and using a wood friendly cleaner means that your floor retains its protection and beauty long term;
  • If needed, treat any problem spots or small areas with a floor oil (specially made to treat wood flooring) by applying with a sponge or clean rag;
  • Should you find any small nicks or scratches, using a finished oil pencil or wax crayon is a hassle-free and simple way to cover up;
  • Then, about every 5 or so years, re-evaluate the condition of your flooring and consider a refinishing to return your hardwood to its original beauty;

Delair's Carpet Barn, East Montpelier, Vermont, has been family operated for over 40 years. We value the importance of families and want them to enjoy their floors for many years. Call us today for a hassle-free wood floor refinishing estimate.