In busy households, surfacing is prone to a lot of wear and tear. Over time, planks can become chipped, warped, stained, squeaky, or simply lackluster. When those shiny, exotic slats suddenly start to look worn and aged, you may wonder what to do; opt for hardwood floor refinishing, or just bite the bullet and shop around for a complete replacement? At Delair's Carpet Barn, we understand the complexities of such a situation, one that can be quite pricey. As such, our East Montpelier, Vermont showroom experts would like you to consider the following points before you completely write off your hard surfacing as unsalvageable:


What exactly is your renovation goal? Are you hoping to restore the original beauty of your planks and brighten up the surfacing? If you are, then wood floor refinishing is your best bet. However, if your aim is a total overhaul, changing species or plank direction, then you're looking at a replacement job.


Even though you love your surfacing, a restoration may not be an option. It all depends upon the condition of the planks. If they've become damaged somehow, for instance, they've become warped, then, unfortunately, the only way you can solve those issues is with a complete replacement. A wood floor refinishing service can improve looks, but will not fix any serious damage.


Another major factor in whether or not you'll need a total overhaul, is the age of your hard surfacing. Planks that have been around for several decades may, in fact, not be able to undergo re-varnishing for a number of reasons. For example, decades-old slats may have already seen a great number of makeovers, thus, have been worn down too many times in the process. In this case, there might not be enough material left to redo. Or, if the spaces in-between planks are already on the wide side, then a floor refinishing service isn't going to work. In these instances, where your surfacing is simply too old to work with, replacement may be your only alternative.