No, because it all depends upon the extent of your floor’s damage. Sometimes the scratches are in the veneer, and not the wood, so all that would be needed is a recoating. If any sanding is necessary, it would be minimal, so don’t equate “wood floor refinishing service” with a house full of sawdust.

If your floor has dents or any kind of extensive damage, however, of course you would need sanding.

We’ll tell you about a simple test, but you should always have a flooring expert make the final determination, and not you. If you live in the Montpelier, Vermont area and look up names for “wood floor refinishing service near me,” one name that’s sure to come up is Delair’s Carpet Barn.

According to Delair’s, all you need to do is drop some water on the floor. If the water doesn’t sink in, or if does so very slowly, you probably don’t need to do anything. Enjoy a few more months of just polishing. If the water sinks in faster, but you don’t see any serious damage, you probably just need to coat again, with no sanding necessary. 

Wood Floor Refinishing--Not a DIY Project

If you look on the Internet, you’ll see the phrase “do-it-yourself” a lot with floor refinishing services but, as they say, “Don’t try this at home.”

A lot of things can go wrong from using the wrong products, to inadvertently harming yourself or your home with heavy-duty equipment, to sanding too much or too little and ruining the floor.

Wood floor refinishing is hard, time-consuming and physically taxing work. The machinery is heavy. For example, one of the tools used in this process is a belt sander, and they’re pretty well-known for leaving marks. So if you drop the drum, but don’t have the sander in motion, and this is a very common mistake, it’s just going to keep gyrating in the same place and you’ll end up with a big, ugly hole.

On the other hand, you may become so tired you decide to stop--before you should! All of these mistakes can end up costing you more money and time in the long-term.

Come into the East Montpelier, Vermont showroom at Delair’s Carpet Barn, and let us show you the right way to do it.