There are so many myths about your wood floor and what refinishing can and can’t do.

Everyone’s an expert!

If you ask 10 so-called experts, you might get 10 different answers, and it’s all enough to make you think (albeit, briefly) about scrapping this service, and just replacing the floor.

But don’t. Delair’s has been in Central Vermont for over 40 years, and we not only have the largest flooring inventory, but we’ll also offer a myriad, besides flooring restoration, of services including: Carpet cleaning, commercial flooring installation, home remodel, among others.

When it comes to refinishing your wood floor, you deserve the best, so let’s clear up some of the myths and untruths.

1.Myth: “We specialize in Dustless Sanding” This is a marketing statement used by a few companies. Of course sanding is going to create dust! And if there really was such a thing, we’d all be shouting it from the rooftops!

Not only do we thoroughly clean afterward, leaving your home in the condition in which we found it, but we also clean before, to make sure dust particles can’t get into wet stain. The goal, of course, is to bring your floors up to their original beauty, and that can’t happen if dust particles get lodged in the veneer, can it??

2.Myth: Engineered hardwood floors can’t be refinished. Yes, they can, but the number of times does depend upon thickness. Obviously, the thicker the better, but you can still refinish a thin one at least two times.

3.Myth: “If I just recoat every couple of years, the floor will automatically be maintained.” Honestly, we laughed when we first heard this, but it might just be confused with a true statement.

It’s true that most scratches are in the veneer, and not the wood. What that means is the floor probably doesn’t even need sanding; a simple refinish will do.

But never try to do it yourself, and you certainly don’t need to do this “preventative” care every couple of years.

Not only can you use the wrong type of veneer and misjudge the color, but you might be off on your timing. The veneer needs to be thoroughly dry before you apply the stain or it won’t “stick.” Professionals know exactly how to time this.

Still more questions? We have a fantastic new design center in East Montpelier, so feel free to come in to speak with the experts at Delair’s Carpet Barn.