There’s probably nothing as elegant and stylish as a wood floor, but it’s starting to look a little worn. You’re wondering if it’s time for refinishing, but before you engage in any service, learn the answers to these questions:
1.Do I have to do the entire house? Yes, if you have a wood floor in more than one room. Here’s why you can’t have refinishing in only one room: there might be sanding and, even in the simplest service, there will definitely be a veneer change. If you don’t do ALL the wood floors, they won’t match.
2.Should I do it only at certain times? While there’s no ideal time of day to do refinishing, you might want to avoid that noon - 2:00 window when the sun is at its hottest. Especially during summer, early morning might be the best.
The sun can actually fade hardwood and change its color so the final result might be a floor that seems a little different in color from what you originally thought--not to mention, who wants to do heavy labor when the sun’s beating down.
What is really important is that the room be completely empty. Planning ahead is crucial!
3.How long does it take? That depends upon the size of the room, and if the floor needs sanding, but prepare for four to five days max. The entire process consists of sanding and staining (one to two days), and then the finish (another one to two days.) Each coat needs to be dry before another coat is applied; if you try to rush it, you’ll just end up with a pebble-like and bumpy floor.
Prepare for the refinishing by making sure windows are open, that arrangements have been made for pets (and you!) to be away from the house during the service, and that valuables and breakables are stored away. Every-day, much-needed items should be in easy reach. It’s like any renovation or remodeling: Time-consuming and a little inconvenient, but so worth it.
4.Can I refinish engineered hardwood? Yes, and we hear this a lot at Delair’s. These floors can be refinished but, while solid can be sanded up to six times, engineered can be sanded and refinished one to three or four times, depending upon thickness.
For the answers to more questions, feel free to visit the Delair’s Carpet Barn showroom in East Montpelier, Vermont.