There’s nothing like a wood floor to give your home warmth and elegance. As tough and durable as these floors are, they’ll eventually show some wear and tear, such as scratches and dullness.
A refinishing will bring those floors right back to their original beauty, but when it’s time to hire a service, make sure they’re fully qualified. So you want to:
●Research contractors and get referrals, recommendations and check references. You don’t want a crew who is learning on the job; if sanding is required, that drum is heavy and powerful. Used incorrectly, it can result in a refinishing that created uneven surfaces, bumps, and might even have weakened the floor.
Now you hired a service has ended up costing you more money than you originally thought.
●Expect some strong odors. Hardwood is sealed and stained during the refinishing process, so the floor will probably most likely have a strong odor. Be sure to keep windows open, and if the weather isn’t cooperating, turn on some fans or use the air conditioner.
●Know that it takes about three, or possibly more, days to complete a refinishing, depending upon the room’s size. The sanding itself only takes one or two days, but stains and polyurethane have to be applied in stages, since every coat needs to be dry before applying another.
You might also have a wood floor in another room and, if so, it might be a good idea to have that done also; otherwise, you might have some inconsistent color throughout.
Be sure to ask your service what they estimate the time to be.
●If possible, plan to move out during the process. The room will be completely empty. There will be odors and even a little dust (there’s no such thing as “dust-free” refinishing, especially when sanding is required.) You certainly won’t be able to walk on the floors while the stain and polyurethane are drying.
If you can’t move out, plan to walk very strategically.
●Know that most scratches appear in the veneer, not the wood, so it may not be necessary to sand. Be sure to ask.
●Remember, it’s only a temporary inconvenience!
For more information, feel free to come into Delair’s Carpet Barn showroom in East Montpelier, Vermont.