We all love the warmth and elegance of a wood surface but, honestly, there can be a little sticker shock at the initial price. It’s important to remember, though, that a wood floor can last for years, and sometimes even looks better with age, and that’s where refinishing comes in.
Refinishing the wood will save you money by:
1.Not needing to replace the floor. Scratches are often in the veneer and not the hardwood. Unless you have structural damage, such as warping or termites, the refinishing will bring them back to the original luster, and many times the service won’t even need to do a sanding. Your pro will advise you.
2.Increasing your home’s value. According to a survey from real estate sales associates around the country, a buyer will often pay 2.5% or more for a home with a wood floor.
Do the math: If your home’s on the market for $200,000 that could possibly be an extra $2,000, or more, in your pocket. Don’t get rid of them, even if you think they don’t look great. Refinishing might be all that’s needed to do the trick, even a simple service. If you have any question, your pro can advise you.
3.Keeping small problems small. A floor is like anything else; the better you care for it, the longer it will last. Handle problems when they’re small, and they won’t become major challenges later on.
Refinishing will keep it from looking worn, scratched, dirty, and dull. The service will also keep unwanted guests away; termites and ants just love to settle in those decayed areas.
4.Providing better safety. Most of us don’t really give this much thought, but we should: If the surface is splintered, and if we walk on it in our bare feet, we can be injured to the point of needing medical attention. We can trip over dents, or just lose our balance and fall. Raised nails not only injure our feet, but can rip our socks. That all costs money.
Here’s one more reason; it just looks good. Your floors will be gorgeous again!
For more information, come into the best floor refinishers in Central Vermont. The Delair’s Carpet Barn showroom is in East Montpelier.