Solid hardwood is unique like no other – beautiful, classic, and timeless. An installation that’s been adding value to homes for generations, it is hard-wearing, reliable, and elegantly stunning. No matter what species you choose, these planks will simply never go out of style. Add to that the fact that wood can easily be refinished, and suddenly we’re looking at endless possibilities. Indeed, there are many benefits to hardwood flooring and refinishing – and we’re going to list the main ones right now.

Incomparable strength and durability

Hardwood is indeed one of the most resilient installations, offering incomparable strength and durability. As such, it’s quite obvious why it’s been a true favorite for decades and decades. While it is solid and hard-wearing, it is still quite flexible in terms of design style capabilities. Nonetheless, it’s a top choice for high traffic areas and busy households.

The elegance of classic beauty

Timeless – that’s the perfect way to describe hardwood. Simply put, it’s never outdated, no matter what species is installed. Nonetheless, if a makeover is what you’re looking for, rest assured it’s a simple fix to completely redo your installation with professional refinishing services.

Higher property value

While you can certainly add more value to your property with alternative flooring options, hardwood packs a punch in this department. It simply provides a higher return on investment, thus increasing the value of your home. When it comes time to resell your residence, you'll quickly see how hardwood flooring attracts many potential buyers, as it's an installation that's often sought out.

Get those planks a facelift

Do your damaged planks need a facelift? Well, luckily, there's no need to completely gut your room to rid yourself of scratched and dented floorboards. While many other types of flooring alternatives would require a complete overhaul to deal with the damage, here's where hardwood is unique. A wood floor refinishing service can easily – and cost-effectively – sand down the damage and bring out the shine in your wood planks.

At Delair’s Carpet Barn in East Montpelier, Vermont, our hardwood refinishing service can re-sand and re-varnish your planks. Serving the East Montpelier, Montpelier, Stowe and Waterbury, VT, our professionals would be glad to answer all of your renovation questions. Visit our showroom today!