Unfortunately this happens to everyone. You can be the most conscientious person when it comes to taking care of your floors, but broken pipes or major storms happen.

In fact, we know of people in the Northeast who needed major renovations after Hurricane Sandy, which did include, for many, repairing floors.

Here’s the great thing aboutwood floors; they’re a lot tougher than you think, with some lasting as long as 100 years. Very often, all that’s needed is a good wood floor refinishing service, and that’s why Delair’s Carpet Barn is here!

That said, however, water is not wood’s friend. It leaves floor susceptible to warping and the growth of mold, but if your floor gets wet, rule # 1 is not to panic. Call us, we’ll come to check it out and tell you if you need a wood floor refinishing, and what kind.

You can also do a simple test yourself to see the condition of your floors: Sprinkle some water on it. If the water seeps in slowly, you might be okay for a few months. If it sinks in pretty fast, but there doesn’t seem to be any warping or scratches, you’ll probably need a simple hardwood refinishing. If you see warping, gouges or a lot of scratches, you’ll most likely need a full wood floor refinishing service.

There are other things you should tell us.

#1 is: How much water?

Is it spill? Immediately wipe off any excess water to reduce the amount of liquid. By doing that, and if the spill is tiny, you might be able to clean it up and let it dry by itself. It will look like new over time. If you have a lot of water, you’ll probably need a floor refinishing service. We’ll treat the floor as needed, and we’ll know how to make the drying process go faster. The longer the floor stays wet, the greater the chances of buckling and warping, and our machinery is so powerful it can even reach your subfloor. If the subfloor is affected, it can harm your home’s infrastructure.

#2 is: Has mold started to grow?

Mold needs four things to grow: Food, moisture, warmth and oxygen. Mold loves anything organic, so mold sees a natural wood floor as a dinner party. It doesn’t take long for it to start growing; 12 hours is really all it needs but, once it’s there, you’ll have a smell you can’t get rid of, poor indoor air quality that can make your family sick, and possible damage to your home.
If you even remotely suspect it, let us know immediately!

Come into Delair’s Carpet Barn so we can show you how to take care of your floors. Our showroom is in East Montpelier, VT.