A hardwood floor can last the life of the home with proper care and maintenance. The time may come, though, when the floor no longer looks its best. The problem is easily solved. The experienced team at Delair’s Barn Carpet in East Montpelier, Vermont, can make your floor look like it was just installed. Our hardwood refinishing service is complete. We can handle any job from reapplying a finish to repairing warps, stains, gouges, and uneven areas.

Buffing and refinishing

A wood floor does not need to be sanded if the finish looks dull or has worn off. It simply needs to be buffed and then refinished. The process can also be used to correct minor scuffs and surface-level damage. Also, this is a great way to change the sheen level. For example, the finish could be changed from matte to semi-gloss. In short, buffing provides a simple solution for cosmetic problems and surface imperfections. It's not necessary to buff the entire floor. Areas with nicks and scratches can be repaired either by hand or machine.

Sanding and refinishing

The entire floor needs to be sanded when there is damage that ranges from deep scratches to water stains. With this process, all the layers of sealer and stain are removed and the wood underneath those layers is smoothed out. A drum floor sander is used to accomplish this task. Hardwood floors sometimes need to be sanded several times with progressively finer sandpaper to achieve the best results. Not all floors can be sanded. If the flooring is old and has been refinished several times, it needs to be replaced. Further, replacement may be the only option if the floor is marred by significant damage or pet stains.

Family owned and operated Delair's Carpet Barn has been offering flooring products and services to folks in East Montpelier, Morrisville, Stowe, Waterbury, and nearby Vermont communities for over 40 years. In addition to our hardwood refinishing service, we offer home remodels, flooring installation, and design consultation. You can get your refinishing project started by contacting us via our online form, phone, or showroom visit. Let us show you how we can make your floor look new again.