When the finish on your hardwood flooring peels, it can be caused by few different problems, such as not preparing the installation properly in the first place.
Typically, however, it means there was an excess of stain and the flooring wasn’t dried thoroughly enough between coats. At Delair's Carpet & Flooring we remove any extra unwanted stain from the hardwood, and then we let each coat dry completely before applying the next one.
If it’s already like that when we come in, we’ll sand the whole thing down and then reapply; just applying more stain on top of that really won’t help, because it needs to be sanded past the point where the problem originated.
It’s not always the pet’s or kids’ fault!
Of course accidents, spills and scruffs can make the hardwood floors look worn, but something’s wrong if they still look that way, even after recent refinishing. There can be a host of problems from uneven sanding to poor techniques in applying the stain to blame and that comes from an inexperienced technician.
Here are more problems we avoid when refinishing wood flooring
“If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is”, so if someone gives you a rock-bottom, bargain-basement refinishing cost, quality will suffer someplace.
The goal is to refinish as infrequently as possible.
Two more things we see are:
1.Litter. Stain is like a magnet; it attracts dust and debris. So be sure (yes, and that’s you, the homeowner) the room is well dusted and cleaned thoroughly before anything is started. An experienced professional will tell you EXACTLY how to prepare your home for refinishing.
2.Slipshod scraping. Sanding is tricky. Done too much, not enough, or with the wrong grit sandpaper, the sanding will result will in uneven floorboards, “shadows” and swirls that will be magnified by staining.
Why you should always hire a professional wood floor refinishing service
Some common rookie mistakes can harm hardwood. The machinery is heavy and the work is tiring and back-breaking. You might be tempted to take short cuts and forego important steps in the process, go against the grain or spend too much time in one spot. Don’t try to install hardwood flooring yourself, either.
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