Is your hardwood looking a little glum? Do the planks seem a bit curvier than usual? Are your kids always complaining of splinters? If that's your current predicament, then you may need to consider a wood floor refinishing service. Premium surfacing materials add much value to a home, so it's crucial to always stay on top of their present state. When your home starts falling apart, it's a lot more time consuming to fix, not to mention more expensive.

Thanks to our Delair's Carpet Barn showroom pros, we've come up with this short guide to help you determine if there's a problem that needs your immediate attention. Sometimes, there's an issue that isn't noticeable, even to the keenest observer, a problem that necessitates hardwood floor refinishing. Prevent further damage and assess if your floors need some help with these easy-to-follow steps.

Assess Slat Varnish:
Step #1:
Find a spot that sees a lot of daily foot-traffic. If there's a surfacing material issue, you'll probably notice it in this region.
Step #2:
Pour a small amount of water on the planks, about one tablespoon, and take note of what happens. If nothing occurs, and all you see are drops of water sitting atop the surfacing, then it sounds like your finish is in good shape. However, if that water has soaked into the slats, that's typically a sign of thin, worn varnish. In this instance, you do still have a bit of time before you need to call a wood floor refinishing service. But, if that water leaves a dark mark behind, this is a bad sign that calls for immediate action.
Step #3:
With a paper towel or cloth, go ahead and wipe up any excess water. Should you believe that the damage is limited to one smaller area, thus requiring less re-varnishing, then repeat the test in other parts of the room.
Assess Plank Damage:
Step #1:
Find a place where two planks meet at an odd angle, forming a space or groove between those boards. With a business card, place it into the space as much as it can go. Now, using a pencil, put a mark on the card to note where the top of the plank ends.
Step #2:
Remove the card and, with the use of a ruler, determine the spacing depth. If the depth is anything less than 3/4-inch, you'll want to call a floor refinishing service ASAP. At this point, your planks are in very poor, dangerous shape.

For more advice, consult our experts, located at the Delair's Carpet Barn showroom in East Montpelier, Vermont.