Often a floor may look scratched, worn and dingy to you, but it probably doesn’t need a total replacement. Usually a wood floor refinishing is all that’s necessary to bring the floor back to its original luster.

Generally, it’s always less expensive to refinish than to replace. Of course, there are a couple of exceptions, such as if the floor has already been refinished too many times, or if there’s unrepairable structural damage.

It’s not just the cost of the floor, but you’ll need to think about things like carting the old floor away.

A wood floor refinishing service can either be simple or more thorough. The simple one just needs some new veneer. The thorough one means the floor is sanded, buffed and then finished with either an oil or water-based polyurethane, and here’s where that common question comes in.

Delair’s Carpet Barn, the experts in the wood floor refinishing service are going to help you solve the mystery of oil vs. water-based.

Oil Based Pros:

● It lasts longer
● Can be a little less expensive
● Has a deeper color that some may find preferable

The reason it’s less expensive, is because you just don’t need to use as much as you would with water-based.

The oil-based colors can be a little more intense and shiny and, over time, can darken somewhat. Many people find that this just makes a richer color, but that can be an issue for other people. If it is for you, be sure to discuss it with your flooring expert.

Water-based pros:

● It dries faster and, although that may not be such a big deal to residential homeowners, it definitely is for restaurants or stores, where the facility will need to be closed while it dries.
● The smell isn’t as intense. Both oil and water-based ones have odors, but the oil-based one can be particularly strong.
● It’s a little better for the environment. During drying time there are fewer VOCs.

What is a VOC? A VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) is a gas emitted from an object, whether solid or liquid. You can find VOCs in cosmetics, as well as many household products; cleaning, disinfecting, paints, etc.

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) VOCS can affect indoor air quality; if the concentration of VOCs is higher indoors by about 10 percent than it is outdoors.

If you’re looking for a floor refinishing service, come in to talk to the pros at Delair’s Carpet Barn in East Montpelier, Vermont.