Have you decided to redo the nursery for a little one on the way? Or, perhaps, you're bored with the look of your existing baby room, and are considering a total makeover. Whatever the case may be, parents must be mindful of what surfacing materials they pick for the nursery. At Delair's Carpet Barn, our East Montpelier, Vermont showroom pros answer a lot of questions about renovations in children's areas. Parents want the best for their babes, and we plan on discussing this topic to clarify several queries.

Deciding to Go With a Wood Floor Refinishing Service
For those who already have a hardwood floor, refinishing is an excellent, low-cost alternative to gutting the entire room, and starting from scratch. However, as your home must be safe for every member of the household, including your little ones, we suggest that you opt for non-toxic finishes. In doing so, there's no worry about children crawling, playing, or even licking, the surfacing! Select low VOC-emitting, water-based polyurethane and stains. Before attempting to use the area, allow the space to dry.

Sustainability With Reclaimed Materials
Aside from wood floor refinishing for your nursery, you can get a little creative and find reclaimed materials for a new look with "old" planks and boards. If your family wishes to follow a sustainable lifestyle, then perhaps you may want to consider installing reclaimed planks, and finish up the appearance with a wood floor refinishing touch-up. This way, you can save some trees, but still get a trendy design.

Adding a Touch of Warmth and Comfort
Let's face it, as attractive as hard surfacing may be, it's not exactly the most comfortable for small infants and toddlers. A floor refinishing service can make a nursery or playroom look beautiful, but to make it cozier, you may want to add a rug or two. Since children crawl, roll and tumble, it's best to stick to all-natural fiber materials, in order to reduce any chance of allergic reaction. Ideal options include sisal, jute, wool, bamboo, and hemp. However, a favorite item in kid's rooms is untreated wool, as it is naturally flame and stain resistant.