When comparing hardwood floor refinishing with an all-new installation, the truth is, you'll likely save hundreds of dollars, if not more, when opting for the former. If your slats are in good condition, aside from the varnish or finish itself, then why not choose the less expensive, more sustainable alternative? At Delair's Carpet Barn, our East Montpelier, Vermont showroom pros answer a lot of questions concerning the benefits of redoing your planks. As you can imagine, at the top of the list, is saving money. So, should you be interested in selecting a wood floor refinishing service, you may want to keep reading!

Will it Look Just as Nice as an All-New Installation?

Without a doubt, redoing your slats will give you the exact same effect as an all-new installation. In fact, there's truly no downside to hiring professionals to redo your planks; they'll look brand-new when they're done with them! Basically, it's an intensive makeover, where crews spend time refreshing the appearance of the slats, eliminating years or decades worth of stains, gouges, scuff marks, and scratches. Now, that's a serious face-lift!

How Often Do I Need a Floor Finishing Service?

Currently, experts estimate that planks should be redone about every 10 years. If, however, your home sees a lot of foot traffic, be it because of pets running around or kids playing, then you'll likely need to redo the slats closer to every 5 years.

Can I Really Save More Money?

In all honesty, you'll not only save some money, but you'll actually end up saving a substantial amount. Remember, you're not purchasing materials again for this project, you're utilizing the planks you have, just having the surface sanded and re-varnished to remove any imperfections. At this point, you can also add a new look to your home by opting for a different varnish color. It's a very inexpensive way to update the look of your space.

I Can Keep Things Even Cheaper By Doing a DIY, Right?

If you're an expert in the field, then by all means, save further money by doing the job yourself. However, if you really don't have any clue about what the task entails, then don't open that can of worms. Certainly, you will not save further money by forgoing a wood floor refinishing service when you don't have the industry know-how, not to mention the multitude of pro tools you'll need for this major project. Save yourself a world of trouble by skipping the DIY job.