Normally, it takes several years before a staircase shows signs of scuffing. The horizontal threads are usually the first to become worn. Because of constant foot traffic, the bare wood becomes exposed when the topcoat varnish wears off. The vertical risers are the next in line to admit defeat, and though it doesn't experience the weight of foot traffic, the handrail typically ends up getting worn as well. 

Luckily, these issues can be easily and relatively quickly fixed with hardwood floor refinishing professionals. Here's how the experts normally redo your stairs and give them an impressive makeover. 

Reviving the stair treads

Once the varnish is worn off, your stairs need wood floor refinishing. The professionals usually use an orbital sander to get everything down to bare wood. This process can produce a lot of dust, which goes in the air and end up settling on surfaces all around. Fortunately, floor refinishing service crews use industrial-grade machinery that has a dust collection canister. 

Sanding the risers

The vertical risers, located between the horizontal treads, see a lot of stepping and kicking. As such, your crew will sand this section as well. 

Rejuvenating the handrail

Depending on the damage to the handrail, workers may either use abrasive steel wool, a sponge coated with abrasive grit or a compact sander. This spot will require quite a bit of time since the shape of the handrail makes the task more complicated. 

Apply the varnish

Once everything has been sanded down to the wood, then varnish can be added. However, the first thing to do is vacuum the treads, the risers, and the handrail to remove loose dust. Afterward, a good wipe-down is needed to make sure everything was removed. Once everything is dry, a light coat of polyurethane varnish will be added to the handrail, risers, and treads. Normally, it can take anywhere from 2-8 hours – sometimes even longer – for the varnish to dry. Once the wood is dry, another wipe-down will clear away settled dust, then a second coat is then applied. Before using the staircase, let the second coat of varnish dry completely.

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