Did you know you could save a lot of money by choosing a floor refinishing service instead of a completely new installation? However, this depends heavily upon the current state of your planks. Are they discolored and scratched? Or are they worn and damaged? At Delair’s Carpet Barn, our East Montpelier, Vermont showroom experts have come up with the following list to help you figure out if wood floor refinishing is indeed an option for your home.

Superficial marks and minor discoloration
Depending upon the extent of the scratches, marks, and discoloration, redoing your slats may be a great choice. Typically, in the case of minor visual flaws, hardwood floor refinishing is your best bet, especially if you want to save money in the long run. As long as the scratches aren’t deep gouges, then re-sanding and re-varnishing your planks will certainly work. Discoloration, as well, shouldn’t be a problem to fix, as long as it’s not the result of severe water damage, which would instead likely require a new installation.

Desire for a new look
Sometimes, the style of a home is simply outdated, and you wish to have a makeover to achieve a modern look. In this particular situation, hardwood floor refinishing is an excellent choice. No matter what type of planks you have, you’re certainly not limited one simple style. Rather, there are a myriad of different colors and varnishes that can be applied to your slats, giving them a new, fresh style, and rejuvenating the appearance of your home.

Increase resale value
In other instances where, perhaps, an imminent sale is coming up, some homeowners would like to increase the value of their residence. While solid slats undoubtedly add value to a home in comparison with other hard surfacing options, if they don’t look attractive, then they won’t necessarily boost your profit margin. On the other hand, if you were to redo them, the new, pleasing look would certainly increase the value of your home.