When you’re planning renovations for your home, no doubt, you’re also hoping to save some money wherever you can. Well, if you already have wood floors installed, but they’re not in such great shape, you can certainly lower your expenses significantly by opting for a wood floor refinishing service. Yes, indeed, it’s true, and we’ll tell you how that’s possible in this post, provided by our East Montpelier, Vermont showroom experts at Delair’s Carpet Barn.

Save money – by redoing your old planks
By simply choosing to hire a floor refinishing service, you can get a new look and save a considerable amount of money. However, this is only an option when your planks are still in good or relatively decent shape. Basically, with this option, you keep the slats you have, as opposed to purchasing new ones for an entire room. At that point, all you have to do is enlist the services of a hardwood floor refinishing crew. They’ll be able to change the appearance of your slats to whatever you’d like, be it a light brown, medium mahogany, or a dark ebony. When it comes to color choices, you’ll have tons to select from.

Save money – by skipping on installation fees
By skipping on installation fees, you’ll save further money. In the end, that extra cash can be spent on new décor, furniture or fixtures to spruce up your place. The truth is, you’ll also save a ton of time when you don’t have to install any planks. Depending upon what type of planks you install, or how big your space is, it can take several days or weeks for a proper installation. Not only that, you also avoid the hassle of the giant mess you normally get with a full install. All that dust in the air, what a pain! Luckily, with a wood floor refinishing service, you won’t have to deal with it!