Before you gut your home office to install new planks, or completely cover up those slats with carpeting, you may want to learn more about what a floor refinishing service can do for you. For many homeowners, this may come as a surprise, since not everyone knows about the process of refinishing hardwood. It’s truly a shame, though, as it can not only save planks, but also save homeowners a substantial amount of money. Therefore, we’d like to discuss the advantages of redoing your office planks and getting that fresh, new look you wanted for so long.
Experts make the process super easy
The key to a quick, professional makeover is to hire experts. Even if you’re a hard-core do-it-yourselfer, the truth is, there’s too much at stake to take on such a monumental task. Now, while you may think this sounds a bit dramatic, honestly, it really isn’t. For instance, let’s talk about the sander for a moment. No, we’re not talking about a hand sander, but rather an industrial-grade floor sander. That machine is truly a beast, and it’s hard to handle. In order to use it properly, you really do need to know what you’re doing. If you don’t and you take a chance on a DIY job, then you most likely will ruin your hardwood floors by sanding them unevenly. At that point, you may not even have a choice, except to get a new installation.
Get a new look with hardwood floor refinishing
Once you have pros hired, the whole job may not take more than a few hours. However, this really does depend upon the size of your room, as well as what type and color of varnish they use. Regardless of what you choose, it will certainly take less time than an entire installation. Nonetheless, by opting for varnishing, you’ll not only be able to improve the appearance of your floors, but you’ll also be able to change their color. At this point, you can select from among a vast assortment of colors, shades, and hues, and get yourself a great new look!
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