This is one of the questions we hear a lot, so we’re going to answer that and a few others. But, of course, if you still have questions, feel free to come into Delair’s Carpet Barn and our experts will take care of you.

Question #1: Should I replace my hardwood floors?
Answer: Not necessarily. If taken care of properly, they can last for decades. When they look worn and scratched, it’s often in the veneer, not in the wood so very often a floor just needs a refinishing. Here’s how you can tell: drop a little water on it. Does it stay on the surface or absorb very slowly? If so, at the most, you probably need only a simple service. If, on the other hand, it sinks into the wood very quickly, your floor will need a more thorough refinishing.

If the floor has structural damage, such as warping or termite infestation, no amount of refinishing will help. Save your money on a service and just replace the floor.

Question #2: My floors are engineered wood. Will they always need replacement?
Answer: They can take refinishing, but the number of times you can do this service depends upon the thickness. Obviously, thicker is better.

Question #3: Does It Always Include Sanding?
Answer: No, sometimes you will only need a simple refinishing without sanding.

Question #4: How long will it take?
Answer: That depends on if your sealant is oil or water-based. An oil-based one will take three or four days to dry; water-based is about two days. All of that is contingent, of course, by the size of the room; if the room’s bigger, it might take longer.
You might wait an additional day before you start walking on a floor that seems dry; of curse, avoid high heels! Best thing is to ask your flooring expert.

Question #5: Can I change the floor’s colors?
Answer: Yes--refinishing isn’t always about repair. You can go lighter or darker; in fact, I went from a medium brown to a blond floor.

Question #6: What about pet stains?
Answer: Sometimes it’s better just to replace those particular boards. While we’re at it, it’s a good idea to wait around two days for your cat or dog to walk on the floors, even when they seem dry, those nails can really puncture them!

To learn more, feel free to come into the Delair’s Carpet Barn showroom in East Montpelier, Vermont.