Don’t throw it out! Hardwood floors can last for decades if maintained properly, and it’s pretty easy to care for them. Unless you have structural damage like, say, termites, chances are all your need is a hardwood floor refinishing, and that’s tip #one.

Other Things to Know About a Wood Floor Refinishing Service

Tip #2: Make sure whomever you hire can deliver experienced, professional wood floor refinishing. Your home shouldn’t be the place for them to learn!

Tip #3: Not all floor refinishing services require sanding. Here’s a way to tell, compliments of Delair’s Carpet Barn: Drop a little water on the floor. If it doesn’t absorb, or if it absorbs very slowly, you can probably get away with some just regular cleaning for a while.

If, however, the floor absorbs the water quickly, that means the varnish has worn off, and most scratches are in the varnish, not the floor itself, so you’ll need a simple refinishing. If the floor is stained, uneven, or has other issues, you’ll most likely need a complete refinishing.

Tip #4: If you do need sanding, both solid and engineered wood floors can be sanded. The general rule is if you have solid hardwood, they can be sanded five or six times, depending upon thickness. If it’s engineered hardwood, it can be sanded up to three times, depending upon thickness of the top layer. Finishes are either water or oil based; the water-based ones are available only to professionals and, while you can get oil-based, they take longer to dry, and you need very good ventilation.

Tip #5: Don’t try to do it yourself! There are many reasons it’s not a DIY job, from using the wrong equipment to the wrong varnish. Sanding requires high powered equipment and the right sandpaper grit, none of which can be found in retail home improvement stores. And even if you did have it, you could leave the sander in one place for two long and create a hole, damaging the floor.

Tip #6: You can change the colors of your hardwood floor, but that requires sanding. Know that you can do it, but only let a professional tackle that project.

If you want to learn more, feel free to come into the Delair’s Carpet Barn showroom in East Montpelier, Vermont.