Whether it’s a solid or engineered wood floor, it will last for years with proper maintenance. It usually only takes a refinishing to bring them back to the original luster. Here’s when you might call for service.

Sometimes the floor might look scratched or worn

Sometimes, especially if you have kids, pets, or entertain frequently, the floors will look like they need a refresher. There might even be some dents. It’s important to remember that, very often, the scratches are in the veneer, not the hardwood itself, so it might only need a simple refinishing.

On the other hand, scratches and dents can also only be ignored for just so long before you run into trouble, resulting in replacement. Here, the best thing you can do is have an expert evaluate the surface.

How often do they need refinishing? That always depends upon thickness, especially so when it comes to engineered wood floors. While the most common thickness for solid is ¾-inch, you can get a higher density which will last longer, and it can be refinished four to six times.

When it comes to engineered, the top veneer (authentic wood) layer is critical. That thickness should be no less than ¾-inch but can go even higher. You can refinish, depending on the density, from one to three to five times before you see the layer wearing down.

Sometimes you just want a change

Not every wood floor needs a refinishing to repair. Sometimes you may want to change a mahogany floor to blond or vice versa. If this is your case, call a dealer that offers sand and re-stain service.

Other reasons for refinishing

Like many fabrics, wood is particularly susceptible to direct sunlight. While it can be handled with today's window coverings, it may be too late, and the floor could be faded and discolored. If so, call for service.

Gray boards indicate two problems: water damage, caused by a worn-off finish. The finish is what protects the wood surface. If non-existent, water will sink in, rather than sit at the top waiting to be wiped off. Handle this immediately; otherwise, the boards will eventually get black. Once black spots occur, they become irreparable.

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