Hiring a wood floor refinishing team can be a bit daunting, because most people outside of the flooring industry don't really think about it at all, until it is time to give their floors a little attention. Most people don't know what to expect, what the benefits are, or even when or why they should hire a wood floor refinishing service in the first place.

Well, we had our team throw together this quick list of common questions people have about hardwood floor refinishing, to help you go into the game armed with all of the knowledge you could want to get the service you might not know you need!

How do I know it's time to refinish?

This one is pretty obvious once you know the answer. The best way to tell if it is time to refinish your floors or not, is to judge whether or not they are looking shabby enough to warrant it. If your floor is looking dull, dinged, or scratched, it's a safe bet it's time to call a wood floor refinishing service! A good rule of thumb is that most wood flooring should be refinished every ten years or so, depending upon foot traffic.

How many times can my floors be re-sanded before they need to be replaced?

The answer to this question relies mainly upon the thickness of your wood flooring, and whether or not it is engineered or solid hardwood. Solid floors can be refinished more times than engineered, as a general rule. Basically, the thicker the wood, the more times it can be refinished.

Most engineered hardwood flooring sports a thickness of about 3/4 of an inch. At this thickness, you can expect to be able to refinish the floors up to 4-6 times. Solid hardwood flooring follows a similar formula, and is comparable at that thickness.

Again, thicker floors can be refinished more times than thinner. Be sure to ask your flooring sales representative about the specifics of your chosen flooring, to be sure you get an accurate read on how many times it can be refinished.

Will I notice the difference afterwards?

You absolutely will notice the difference! After a professional floor refinishing service takes a pass at your floors, they will literally look as good as new. Not to mention that you will especially notice the difference if you decide to change the color of your flooring. This is one of the major reasons people opt for refinishing!

Looking for quality wood floor refinishing services in Vermont?

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