Solid hardwood floors are highly sought after floor coverings these days. One reason for this is their extra-long lifespan. However, even the nicest of these will eventually need refinishing. The good news is, a wood floor refinishing service is one of the things we do best.
At Delair's Carpet Barn, we have more than 42 years of experience. In addition to our extensive selection of floor coverings and related materials, we offer excellent services that help you manage every level of your flooring experience. Since our primary goal is your complete satisfaction, you'll find we cater to your needs specifically. To find out for yourself how we can be of assistance, simply stop by our East Montpelier, Vermont showroom where one of our assistants will be pleased to serve you.
So, how do you know when it's time for a wood floor refinishing? There can be many things that give it away. For instance, you might easily see scratches, water stains, scuffs, or other unappealing signs of wear. There could be water spots or rings, worn finish, or outright damage to certain areas of your flooring. In any of these cases, we can help!
We take your hardwood floor refinishing seriously. With our experience, we can meet with you, discuss these problems areas, and give you limitless details on how we'll fix it for you. This could include repairs, sanding, re-staining, refinishing, and an array of other services directly related to your floor's state.
During a floor refinishing service, you can even choose to change your stain color or your style of finish. For instance, you may have had the classic high-gloss finish that so many homeowners love. However, if you don't love the ease with which it reveals wear, you can switch to a finish such as hand-scraped or distressed. These can hide signs of wear that can make your floors last even longer.
As with any floor service that happens after installation, your wood floor refinishing service will come with some directions. When you speak with our associate, they will let you know exactly what you need to do. Details are specific to your needs and preferences, so stop by today to find out more!