If you're wondering which flooring is best overall, then you may be surprised to learn there is no absolute answer to that question. That's because, when it comes to soft or hard surfacing, what's most ideal all boils down to several factors, like preference, upkeep requirements, and cost, for instance. Nonetheless, one of the most popular flooring material is hardwood, for a great many reasons. From its long lifespan to its unmatched character, its sustainability to its opulent aura, let’s go over the main advantages of stunning hardwood.

Long lifespan

Ask any real estate agent and they'll tell you how choosing hardwood to increase your property value is a real no-brainer. Mostly, they're the preferred surfacing when potential buyers seek new homes. Not just because of their long lifespan – which can easily last for a century – but also due to their ability to get wood floor refinishing. Provided by a professional wood floor refinishing service, wood floor refinishing is a means to re-sand and re-varnish the planks. This cost-effective service is especially useful to eliminate minor damage or to update the appearance and color of the wood.

Expression of style

Get any look you want with hardwood, be it formal or casual. In terms of personality and style, you can use planks to express your distinct taste – using wood as the star of your redesign! Add softness to a room with an area rug or switch up décor quickly by rotating rugs. And, again, you can display your unique flair by simply opting for wood floor refinishing to change the color of your planks.

The impression of sophistication

Cars, clothes, shoes, flooring – what could these things possibly have in common? Well, believe it or not, these are all things that leave a lasting impression on people. While a well-dressed man in a business suit gives the impression of success, a runner in sports clothes gives a different impression, namely one of athleticism. Same with hardwood, as it generates an air of wealth, durability, and sophistication.


Hardwood is an eco-sound flooring material, as the forestry industry in the U.S. plants trees at a greater rate than harvesting. And, to add further to this sustainability, many homeowners are moving towards other wood options such as reclaimed wood. However, you can keep your planks in excellent shape and ensure a long life with proper upkeep.

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