There are several things you should know before hiring a wood floor refinishing service. As tough as those planks are, they honestly don't stand a chance against an entire family walking all over them. Between the shoes, pet claws and tricycles, there will come a time when you'll need hardwood floor refinishing. Luckily, when that day arrives, you'll be armed with our Delair's Carpet Barn professional advice. Thanks to our knowledgeable East Montpelier, Vermont showroom experts, you're about to read up on the essential things to know about a floor refinishing service

Pay Attention When Selecting Crews
Above all else, you're looking for skilled pros, not students who are learning along the way, on your surfacing material! Aside from not having the right tools for the job, if you do somehow end up with an inexperienced team that does have an industrial drum sander, don't be surprised when they completely ruin your floors. An industrial drum sander is a very complex machine, requiring a steady hand, and a knowing eye, to ensure that not too much surfacing is sanded off. Therefore, hire a professional wood floor refinishing service only after checking out their past work and credentials. 

Make Plans to Relocate
No matter what people say, you cannot live in a home that's having the surfacing redone. Aside from the dust in the air that coats every single item in sight, you'll be required to leave the new finish alone for a few days. Obviously, that makes it impossible to live in a home where you can't even walk around! Many homeowners don't keep this crucial detail in mind, and often struggle to find last minute accommodations. So, plan ahead if you're thinking of a renovation. 

Don't Forget the Baseboard
Even the most experienced tradesmen tend to ding the baseboards during a surfacing renovation. It's a small detail, but it can be an eye-sore nonetheless. Although the fix is simple enough, you may have trouble finding a painter to come over for such a minor task. However, if you're having your walls painted anyway, consider negotiating with the painting team to come over after the surfacing is complete, to cover up any small nicks or scratches in the trim.