Choosing the right team to handle your wood floor refinishing job can be a bewildering prospect, for those who have never done it before. There are a lot of things to consider, and more than a few firms to choose from. If you are new to the process, chances are that you have no idea which qualities to look for, when selecting from among them.

So, what makes a great floor refinishing service great? Here are three things to keep an eye out for while you're on the hunt:

1. They Provide References and Samples of Their Previous Work

How can you judge the quality of a hardwood floor refinishing service without seeing samples of their work? You'd just have to take their word for it, and that's no way to reliably get the best possible team for the job!

A good refinishing team will always be able to provide you with a list of solid references, or even arrange to have a look at some work they have done recently, so you can get a concrete idea of their level of expertise.

2. They Are Well Equipped

Refinishing a wood floor takes some pretty specialized equipment, and that equipment isn't cheap to buy and maintain! Less-reputable refinishing services will try to cut costs by using inferior equipment, or makeshift equipment to get the job done.

Be sure to ask what type of equipment your prospective refinisher uses, and if they fail to mention drum sanders, floor buffers, and edge or orbit sanders, keep looking!

3. Awards and Associations

One of the best ways to separate the pros from the amateurs, is by checking if they have won any industry-specific awards, or are members of flooring industry trade associations. Companies that take the time to be involved with the industry on a wider scale than simply being part of it, are sure to be a notch above those who haven't. Obviously, any awards they have won show they are a cut above the competition, as well!

Are You Looking for a Quality Wood Floor Refinishing Service?

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