Hardwood flooring is a big investment in your home. While the initial buy-in cost is a bit higher than other flooring materials out there, the long-term benefits of hardwood mean that what appears as a high price is really an investment in the future.
No other flooring quite matches up to the sheer longevity of a properly installed, well cared for hardwood floor. Go on a tour of an historic building or two, and see if they brag about the centuries-old carpets. It just doesn't happen. Centuries-old hardwood flooring, however, is another story. Here are the secrets you need to keep your flooring investment in tip top shape. Who knows? Maybe someday your ancestors will be bragging about their hundred-year old hardwood:
Protection from moisture
The biggest hardwood flooring killer out there is water. Prolonged exposure to standing liquids and high humidity all take a serious toll on hardwood. It's important to do everything in your power to ensure that any liquid spills are cleaned up quickly, and that your floors are protected from water exposure. Waterproof mats, no-shoes policies, and quick liquid cleanup, will all do wonders for the longevity of your floors.
Protection from physical damage
Aside from water damage, you also have to take measures to prevent physical damage, both sharp, sudden impacts, and long-term erosion. Always lift your furniture or other heavy items when moving them instead of dragging them. Put rubber cushions on the feet of your furniture to prevent gouging. Consider a no shoe-shoes rule, and stay on top of sweeping to prevent subtle, insidious erosion caused by gritty outside dirt.
Sand and refinish when needed
No matter how well you take care of your flooring, eventually you're going to have to call a wood floor refinishing service to restore them to like-new condition. But that's the thing about hardwood flooring, you can do that! It's one of the secrets to this material's outrageous longevity. Hardwood floor refinishing is a process that can be undertaken quite a few times over the course of your floor's life. Depending upon the floor's thickness, wood floor refinishing can be undertaken as many as 6 times over the life of a floor.
When you look at the higher buy-in price of hardwood, and consider that wood floor refinishing can restore them to like-new condition up to six times, it becomes clear why hardwood is considered to be such a solid long-term investment. It's like paying for as many as six new floors in one go!
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