After your wood floor refinishing is complete, it’s now time to further transform your room into the luxurious sanctuary you’ve always wanted. The easiest, quickest way to add a stylish, polished appearance is to install custom trim. While you may believe trim acts independently to improve the space, it acts more as a unifier, blending fixtures, door and window frames, and walls with the floors. When it comes to trim, there are virtually endless options, depending on what look you're trying to achieve. Be it a traditional Victorian appearance or a clean, modern design, let's go over some of the trim options that can spice up your renovation. 

Add style and a hefty dose of panache with these 5 trims

Crown Molding As the most popular of all trims, crown molding sits snugly between the ceiling and wall to create a more ornate, streamlined look. While some styles are quite contemporary, others are more elaborate and adorned.

Wall Frame Moldings Creating spaces for photos, painting, art pieces or other hanging objects, these moldings are a design element meant to draw the eye inward towards the piece being showcased. As known as Picture Frame Moldings, they’re an excellent way to divide large wall spaces, especially in places like the dining room, stairways, halls or even big living rooms.

Chair Rails With the dual purpose of being functional and aesthetic, these rails are typically affixed to the lower half of the wall, along the perimeter of a room. Hiding scruff marks from the backs of chairs, as well as from foot traffic in general, these horizontally placed panels essentially split the wall into two sections, with wallpaper placement above, and sometimes an additional paint section below.

Although it served to insulate homes of yesteryear, the wainscot trim of now is for purely visual appeal. Placed on the inferior half of the wall, these vertical wooden sections still give a sense of classic style with the appearance of old charm.

Baseboards While it is the most common type of trim, baseboards serve an essential purpose. They hide gaps along the bottoms of walls, covering uneven joints where it meets the flooring. After wood floor refinishing, baseboards must be installed again. As well, another important feature is the protective nature, keeping the walls from getting scuffed and dented by wayward furniture.

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