One of the major advantages of having hardwood floors, aside from how great they look, is that it is possible to sand and refinish the flooring a few times over the course of its service life. The reasons why this is a huge advantage might not be readily apparent, however.

Delair's Carpet Barn understands that your floors are a huge investment, and we want to make sure you know everything you need to know to maintain that investment for as long as possible. With that in mind, here are three ways a wood floor refinishing service can help you achieve that goal!

It's a Lot Like Getting a New Floor

After your wood floor refinishing service packs up their tools at the end of the job, you will have a floor that literally looks as good as new. Your floors will glisten and shine the way they did on the day they were first installed, and you will see that the wonderful glow that faded over the years comes alive once again.

If your floors are looking dingy and faded, it might be time for a wood floor refinishing project!

It Saves Money

As durable as hardwood flooring is, eventually it is going to get worn out. This wear can be fixed by hiring a wood floor refinishing service, but not if you wait too long. Eventually your floors will go past the point of no return, and the only option you will have to repair them is a full replacement.

A hardwood floor refinishing project is a lot cheaper than buying new floors completely! Treat your hardwood floors right, and they will return the favor for decades to come.

Switch it Up!

Personal taste and style tends to change over time. The color you chose for your floors may have reflected your tastes at the time, and worked well with your personal aesthetic when they were new, but things might be different now. A hardwood floor refinishing project offers the perfect opportunity to choose a new color for your floor, which can inject new life into a home who's decor has started to feel a bit stale.

Is it Time for Your Floors to Get a Little Love?

If you think it's time to get your floors a makeover, and are hunting for a trustworthy floor refinishing service to get the job done, why not go with the best? We have been the area's leading flooring and flooring services provider for over 42 years, and we would love nothing more than to put that expertise and dedication to quality to work for you!

Simply call, email, or stop by our showroom in East Montpelier, VT, to arrange for your free, no-obligation consultation and estimate. We'll have your floors looking like new in no time!