One of the great things about a wood floor is that, as long as it’s properly taken care of, it’ll last for years, sometimes even up to 100. If the floors do start to look worn or dull, you can always bring them back to their original luster with refinishing.  Here’s what you need to know.

Hire a professional service

The sanding drum alone is enough to make you say “No!”  to try refinishing on your own.  These drums are heavy and difficult to navigate.  You would have to stand behind it and if you go against the grain or spend even one minute too long in the same spot you will create holes in the wood, together with other irreparable damage.

Another big mistake is not letting the coats dry thoroughly before reapplying and, instead of a smooth surface, you’ll get a bumpy one with a lot of debris.

Prepare thoroughly for the refinishing

Even if a company uses a dustless sander, know that the process is never completely dust-free. It traps about 90% of it, but there will always be some residual particles.

That means to empty the room, including wall coverings, artwork,  accessories, shelving, and any of the room’s closets.  Cover vents: a taped plastic bag will do. You don’t want the particles to go into the vents and then fly into other areas.

Know that it’ll be a day or so before you can walk on it, so before any stain or finish is applied, be sure to grab anything you might need from that area.  If you need heat and the thermostat is in that room, turn it on; besides, the heat will make it dry faster.

Other things to know

  • Your floor might not need sanding.  Many times, scratches are in the veneer and not the wood itself. In that case, you’ll just need a simple refinishing. Be sure to ask.
  • If it’s humid, consider rescheduling.  Wood is porous and will absorb moisture.  It might also expand. 
  • Finishes can smell.  If possible, keep windows open. 
  • If you are doing another remodeling, save the floor work for last to avoid getting dust particles in paint and on furniture.

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