A hardwood floor will last for decades, and it just seems to look better with age. After about 20 years, however, it will start to look worn and it might be time to call for refinishing.

Often, someone will purchase refinishing before the floor needs it. Unfortunately, there will be some companies that will provide the service no matter what.

 Alternatively, sometimes someone will let a very small problem grow into a larger one until the only option is to replace it. Sometimes this happens with water damage.

As a result, all of the moisture wasn’t removed and the floor warped, cupped and experienced other structural damage.

How do I know if I need it?

Put a little water on the wood.  If the liquid stays at the surface or soaks in very slowly, the floor might be able to go a few months without refinishing. It might also mean you just need a simple one with no sanding.

If the liquid absorbs quickly, it’s time for a service.

Other facts

  • Very often, scratches are in the veneer, not the wood itself. Make sure you ask because, if that’s the case, you most likely won’t need sanding.
  • This is NOT a DIY project. Sanders are very heavy and, if not operated correctly, can go against the grain and even create holes in the wood.

Another big mistake is to not wait the proper amount of time to apply a coating of veneer, resulting in a bumpy floor. You can also use the wrong stain in the refinishing project.

Let it be done quickly and efficiently by professionals, call for service.

  • It’s not just for repairs.  You may tire of the color and the surface sanded and stained another hue.
  • You can walk on a floor after 24 hours of refinishing, but make sure you wear only socks or bare feet. 

If you can, wait four days before moving furniture back into the room.

  • Both solid and engineered hardwood can be refinished and sanded.  Solid can be done up to six times.  Engineered depends upon the thickness and can be done one to three times.  Generally, any wood floor only needs refinishing every 10 to 20 years.

For more information, feel free to visit the Delair’s Carpet Barn showroom in East Montpelier, Vermont and ask about our free estimate.