It’s time to get a wood floor refinished when there is serious damage like stains or scratches or when it looks worn. Hardwood refinishing makes the floor look new again after years of use. Delair's Carpet Barn is a family-owned and operated hardwood retailer that offers a wood floor refinishing service. We have a showroom in East Montpelier, Vermont, that has a wide selection of flooring, including hardwood.

Can the floor be refinished?

Do not assume that it will be easy to refinish your wood floor because it shows no major damage. The floor needs to be measured to make sure it will have a sturdy foundation after it is sanded. It must be a minimum of ¾" thick. If not, it needs to be replaced. Major damage confined to a small area can be repaired by replacing the boards. If there is extensive damage, such as warped, sagging, or split boards, the floor needs to be replaced. If the finish has been worn down for so long that dirt is ground into the wood, refinishing the floor may restore it to its original luster. Under optimal circumstances, the floor will only need to be screened, or buffed, rather than sanded down.

Refinishing process

When choosing a floor stain, be aware that dark colors don’t hide dirt, they make dust more noticeable. They also make a small room look smaller, although that can be balanced with light-colored furniture. A slip-resistant satin, or low-luster, finish hides small scratches and daily wear and tear. A semi-gloss finish reflects more light than a satin finish. The greater the gloss level, the more you can see scuffs, scratches, and marks. It can take up to five days to sand, patch, stain, and seal a hardwood floor. Most floors can be walked on within 24 hours of sealing. But it takes weeks for the treatment to cure fully.

The pros at Delair’s Carpet Barn can advise you on the proper hardwood floor upgrade for your home. We have been serving East Montpelier, Montpelier, Stowe, Waterbury, and nearby Vermont communities for over 40 years. Our services include free in-home measurement, design consultation, light carpentry, home remodels, and flooring installation. Financing options include ‘no interest with payments for 12 months’ for qualified buyers.