One of the great advantages of a hardwood (besides style and warmth) floor is that it will last for decades; so don’t replace, because a refinishing will most likely do the trick.

We know it’s always tempting to save money, but isn’t the end goal is to bring this surface back to its original luster and beauty? Far too many things can go wrong when you try to DIY this, or hiring the wrong, inexperienced flooring pro, and that could end up with some hefty replacement and repair costs.

Our flooring company is also an expert on the wood floor and the need for a professional refinishing service.  Here are some of the things that can keep your floor from being in tip-top shape:

  1. Inconsistent sanding rhythms. Do yourself, the wood and the floor a favor when it comes to refinishing. Professional sanding machines can be heavy and powerful.  If the movement is choppy, if you stay in one place for too long, if you stop to rest, remember, we said it’s heavy; you’ll end up with some odd- looking patterns. Oh, and not to mention corners and other hard-to-reach areas that you might skip, but your service won’t.
  2. Peeling finish. This happens when the stain isn’t completely removed, and a dirty surface makes it impossible for the finish to “stick” to the wood, resulting in a lack of sufficient protection, and it won’t be long before the floor looks dull again. A pro will know how to time that tricky stain, and finish application correctly.  
  3. Debris, blemishes and scratches. A wet finish will become a magnet for every particle of dust and debris, so the area must be thoroughly cleaned before sanding. However, if it does happen, someone needs to know how to smooth it out. Scratches need to be sanded past the coat where the scratches occurred, and that can be difficult to figure out, and it can end up being sanded too much or not enough. If it’s not enough, those blemishes will only be highlighted; if it’s too much, well, you could end up with big indentations or holes.

Still have questions about your floor? Delair’s Carpet Barn provides a professional refinishing, carpet cleaning, flooring installation or design consultation service.  Feel free to come into their showroom in East Montpelier, Vermont, to explore their extensive product lines which include laminate, tile, carpet and waterproof flooring, and more.