So, your hardwood floors are starting to show signs of wear and tear? You might notice stains, scratches, scuffs or dents and you’re just not happy with the way it looks. Well, the good news is, you don’t have to consider replacing your floors. All you need is a quality wood floor refinishing service to come in and make all that go away!

The Cheaper Option
You’re probably going to be happy to find out that having a wood floor refinishing service come in to refinish your floors will cost a lot less than having them replaced all together. The materials needed to accomplish a quality refinishing job don’t cost nearly as much as the floor itself. However, it’s important to note that, to be done right, it will be a bit time consuming. 
Plan Ahead
There are several steps that need to be taken by your wood floor refinishing service providers. They can’t be rushed, and your floors should be completely off limits until the entire process is completed. To find out exactly how long they will be off limits, you will need to discuss the job with your floor refinishing professional, who will be able to give you a pretty close estimate for the entire job. Planning ahead is the best way to avoid problems while your floors are being refinished.

Special Notes
A wood floor refinishing service can do wonders with your hardwood floors. However, there are some situations of which you should be aware from the beginning. For instance, if your original finish was distressed or scraped, the finish will most likely be smooth after refinishing.

If you have already had your original floors refinished a few times, there’s a chance that they will be too thin to refinish again. This depends upon the thickness of your floor, and only your refinisher will know for sure whether or not they can be refinished.

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