Is your home ready for “opening day”, or should we say, “the holidays?”

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​To get ready for the holidays, how do you know if you need a new floor, or simply a wood refinishing service? 

A lot of people try to do their own wood refinishing service, and that’s a big mistake because you can cause permanent damage to the floor. Then you’ll most likely need to replace it, and that’ll cost you a lot of money, not to mention time.

Here are some of the biggest myths about wood floor refinishing services, and wood floors in general.

1. Myth #1:  Finishes make the floor scratch-resistant.  That’s not really entirely true. Although many of the wood floor scratches are in the finish, there is a possibility that the scratch can be in the wood. As in anything, prevention is better than treatment. The best way to protect hardwood floors from scratches is to place mats or area rugs by entrances, so people don’t track in dirt and gravel on the soles of their shoes, and to use floor protectors on the legs of your furniture.

2. Myth #2: You can refinish wood floors yourself.  Absolutely not.  Wood floor refinishing is not a do-it-yourself project. Not only do you need special tools, but the floor’s top layer needs to be sanded down to complete it. The biggest rookie mistake is that people over-sand, taking too much of the hardwood and causing permanent damage. Leave it to the experts and, in East Montpelier, that’s at Delair’s Carpet Barn.

3. Myth #3: Wood floors require a lot of maintenance. Not at all, but they must be maintained properly for them to last a long time; in many cases, for decades. Sweep and dust regularly, every day if possible, because dirt can scratch. If you vacuum, be sure to turn off beater bars, or your floor will take a pounding that can possibly cause damage. If you must mop, be sure it’s barely damp, because excess water will warp the floor. Check with your flooring retailer to be sure the cleaner is manufacturer-approved.

How can you tell if you need a new floor or simply a wood refinishing service?  Sprinkle a few drops of water on the floor. If the water just sits there, or if it sinks in slowly, you can probably get away with just regular cleaning for a few months. If it sinks in quickly, it means the finish is gone, but if there’s no other damage, you’ll probably only need a simple refinishing. If there are dents, warps and stains, you’ll most likely need a complete refinishing but, as always, it’s best to check with a professional.

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