Your gorgeous hardwood floors are starting to show signs of wear, what with bumps and discolorations. You think it might be time for a wood floor refinishing service. 

To save money, you think you’ll do it yourself, but don’t, because we shudder to think how mistakes can show up big time. Not only will you be looking at those mistakes for years, but they might even be so big you’ll need to replace the floor.
How does that save money?

Let the pros handle it.  At Delair’s Carpet Barn in East Montpelier, Vermont, we’ll tell you exactly what you need when you need it, and it will all be done correctly and quickly.

Here are three big reasons why you need a professional wood floor refinishing service:

The pros know how to tame the sanding drum. They’re expensive, heavy and, used incorrectly, they can cause injury to yourself and your home. Drum sanders are also the only way to really sand down a bad floor. 

Remember, you’ll be sanding off a large part of the floor and you can strip off a large part of the floor in the process, by applying too much pressure on the sander; getting too close to baseboards, walls and trims and damaging them ; going against the grain of the floor;  or staying in one place for too long and ending up with a big gash 

Pros know there are two levels of wood floor refinishing and they also know for sure which one is right for you. 

Buffing is the simplest refinishing.  Many scratches are in the veneer, but the actual wood’s in good shape.  All that’s needed is a light buffing and a new coat of veneer. The second level is actual sanding and recoating. If you try to figure out what your floor really needs, you’ll probably waste time and money.

The pros won’t take shortcuts on safety. You might think some of the steps are inconsequential, but they aren’t. The smell of varnish can be strong and dust can fly around (which is even worse for your if you have allergies and asthma.) They wear masks and use proper ventilation and disposal methods. Pros know how.  Do you?

Come into Delair’s Carpet Barn of East Montpelier, Vermont to book your floor refinishing service. We’ll make a seemingly overwhelming task very easy for you.