At Delair's Carpet Barn, we have often said that a lot of benefits come with our professional wood floor refinishing service. The most obvious, of course, is that your old, dulled hardwood flooring looks like new again when we finish with it. But, there are other benefits, as well. One of the more important, but often less thought of benefits, is that your newly refinished floor will now have a new protective coating on its surface that can help prevent costly damage to your floors.

We all love to think about the renewed beauty and elegance that comes with a new refinishing project. And, why not? Hardwood that has been refinished by professionals will look brand new again. That new luster and shine is unmistakable, and certainly draws the eye of anyone looking upon the floor. But, you also get something else that is just as important as appearance, and that is protection.
As part of our wood floor refinishing service, we will repair minor damages that have occurred to your floor over the years. This includes fixing scratches and gouges that can cause water damage to your floor if you do not have the flooring refinished. It works like this: At some point in the past, your flooring may have been deeply scratched, gouged, or marred in such a way that its protective finish was removed. Any wood fibers below that area are now vulnerable to moisture. This water can come from many sources, including wearing snowy boots onto the area (something we all know about here in East Montpelier), and this moisture can cause your exposed wood fibers to become swollen and weakened. None of this is good news.

With our wood floor refinishing service, we will remove the surface of your flooring, taking it down to bare wood, repair those areas, and then apply a new finish that includes a new protective surface layer. This process eliminates your risk to future damage from those old damaged areas.

If you have wood flooring, come by and see us at Delair's Carpet Barn in East Montpelier, VT and let us show you how our wood floor refinishing service can help you preserve your flooring, while giving it a new shine that will last for years.