We have had more than a few people come into Delair's Carpet Barn and ask us if our wood floor refinishing service can really make an old, dull hardwood floor look like new again, and we have always answered: Yes! As so many people have asked this question, we would like to take a few moments to explain our service and share a few facts about wood flooring with you here.

Wood flooring is unique in that it is the only flooring system that can be sanded down to its bare material and then refinished with new oil, stain, finish, etc, giving its top surface a brand new look. The reason it looks brand new is because the surface is brand new. Now, the trick, of course, is to only hire professionals who know what they are doing, all along the process.
Our wood floor refinishing service is actually a process. There are many steps that have to be taken in order to achieve the beautiful results our customers want. For instance, the sanding process. We use a rougher grade of sandpaper to remove the initial surface, but then must use higher-grades of paper to smooth out the surface to get a satiny smooth final sanding. The final sanding is crucial to working out all of the imperfections that are on all wood floors during refinishing. Once we have the floor as smooth as possible, we can then, and only then, apply the finish, which is another crucial step as well. These are only a couple of the tasks that have to be completed properly if you want the best results possible.

We are blessed in that all of our wood floor refinishing service personnel are highly trained and skilled at what they do. They are experienced and have the expertise to do each job properly and to a high degree of quality.

If you visit Delair's Carpet Barn in East Montpelier, Vermont, we will be happy to sit down and answer any questions that you may have about our wood floor refinishing service, and how we can make your old wood floors look like new again.