If you live in in East Montpelier, Vermont or the surrounding area, and you are thinking about updating your hardwood flooring, but replacing the existing floor just doesn’t fit with your budget right now, hardwood refinishing is your best option.

Over time, day to day “living” can cause your floors to look dull and worn. You may notice smudges and scratches from the kids playing, or even stains from pet urine. Floors can also become dull in areas where traffic patterns are heavier, or near and under dining tables from the daily movement of chairs. Whatever the reason, you are ready for a change.  What do you do?

Opportunity knocks…

Think about this! Is your existing floor a 2-¼ inch oak in a gunstock finish?  With hardwood floor refinishing from Delair’s Carpet Barn, you can change the color and finish of your existing floor. How about a stain in dark grey graphite, or a rich maple in dark cocoa? The possibilities are endless.  You may even to decide to paint the walls and add complimentary accessories like an area rug or some new furniture.

Both solid and engineered hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished. The process however, may vary with engineered hardwood depending upon the thickness of the wear layer. Engineered wood flooring that has a thinner wear layer is done with a process called screen and recoat, whereby the thin layers are screened and coated to improve the overall appearance, assuming the manufacturer’s finish is an issue. Removing deeper gouges or scratches from engineered hardwood is not always possible; therefore it may need to be replaced.

After sanding, staining and top coat finishes can be completed in a variety of methods from a glossy polyurethane to a soft matt or satin finish. You may also want to ask your Delair’s Carpet Barn hardwood floor refinishing professional about using hand rubbed oils to restore and preserve your newly finished wood floor.

Delair’s Carpet Barn will restore your hardwood floor to the beauty and luster it had when it was first installed.  Only you will know it’s not a brand new floor!

Hardwood floor refinishing will leave your floors improved and protected against future damage, so you can get decades of use before additional restoration is needed. Therefore, if you’re in East Montpelier, Vermont, and you need wood floor refinishing, just Visit Delair’s Carpet Barn. You’ll be glad that you did.