Residents of East Montpelier, Vermont, and surrounding areas, are likely to wonder where winter is these days. According to weather experts, the warm weather is being caused by the El Nino. With a delayed winter, many homeowners are considering moving ahead with the home improvement projects such as hiring a wood floor refinishing service to bring new life to old hardwood flooring.
The unseasonable weather also has many local animals wondering what is going on. In a story recently published, we learn:

“For now, the El Nino-driven mild weather is a boon to some wildlife, which are able to forage for more food and are using less energy surviving, experts say... Access to food, such as nuts and apples, which have been abundant but are now getting scarce, has kept some black bears active and out of their winter dens.”

Source:  <a href="">Winter Winter Weather Delayed</a> by Staff.
While some wildlife may be scurrying around, confused, homeowners are taking advantage of the nice weather and getting those home improvements made that they have been thinking about all year long. One reason is that many of those who offer professional wood floor refinishing services are offering special deals. What this means to homeowners is high-quality wood floor refinishing services for less. 

Another thing worth considering is that when you get your hardwood flooring refinished, you bring new life to that space. In fact, if you hire a professional wood floor refinishing service, your hardwood floor will look like new. It is like getting a new floor at a fraction of the cost.

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