The Cambridge English Dictionary defines a reboot as “switching it off and then restarting.”

This article in the Times Argus of East Montpelier, VT addresses rebooting your kid’s room; now that school has started it’s time to re-organize and re-decorate. Source: by Melissa Rayworth, picked up from AP.
That’s exactly how it can be with your hardwood floors; don’t switch them off (i.e., discard them) but, rather use a wood refinishing service, preferably from Delair’s Carpet Barn.

So many times, a homeowner will see their hardwood floors looking worn, scratched, and perhaps even have some dents. So they toss the flooring, spend unnecessary money for a new one or, worse yet, toss it, and not replace it, thereby depriving themselves of the gorgeous wood. A good wood refinishing service is most likely all that’s needed; it can restore your floors to their “youthful” lustrous beauty.

However, don’t wait until the floors are worn and scratched. Hardwood can last for as long as 10 years, but it needs to be properly maintained.  Often, maintenance includes a simple wood refinishing service.

Here’s how to tell if you’re due for one:  Drop a few sprinkles of water on the (wood) floor. Does the water just sit there, or sink in very slowly?  If so, you can probably have a few more months of just cleaning and polishing. Does it absorb faster?  It may be time for a simple wood refinishing service (part of maintenance). If you see dents and stains, it’s probably time for a more thorough refinishing, but always speak to an expert first.

You’ll also want to do a few things to prepare. First, measure to be sure the floor is ¾ inch thick, so you know you have a solid foundation.  Was the floor installed with a tongue and groove procedure?  Find out, because the technician will need to know. What about the finish?  Find out what it was so you can match it; using different ones can actually damage your floors.

Delair’s Carpet Barn is the expert in wood refinishing services in East Montpelier, VT. The company wood refinishing pros will provide affordable hardwood refinishing services for residents in East Montpelier, Stowe, Waterbury and Morrisville, VT.