If you own any type of wood flooring, chances are very good that you will need a wood floor refinishing service at some point in time. Hardwood flooring can dull over time; it can become damaged by pet claws or moving furniture, and can simply become boring over the years, and need a brand new look and finish. In all of these cases, you want only the most experienced professionals to do these kinds of jobs. This is where Delair's Carpet Barn can play an important role. 

For years, we have been solving all kinds of issues with hardwood flooring in East Montpelier, Vermont and surrounding areas. We continue to do this to this day. Our customers know that they can relax and be assured of the best refinishing results possible when they hire us for our wood floor refinishing service. And, you, too, can have that high-level of assurance when you trust your wood floors to Delair's Carpet Barn.
It is always important to remember that refinishing hardwood floors is as much a craft as it is skill. There are many steps that have to be taken, and performed correctly, if you want the best results. Even the routine act of sanding off the old finish requires experience, a keen eye, and patience. Each level of sanding, from rough to fine, has to be done correctly, or your results may not be as outstanding as they could be. And this is just one aspect of hardwood refinishing that takes place. There are many more.

When you hire us for our wood floor refinishing services, we not only can bring your flooring back to like-new condition, we can also make those minor repairs that just about every floor needs. Best of all, we can do all of this at prices that will please you.

If your floors are looking dull and old, come by our showroom in East Montpelier, Vermont and let us tell you about our wood floor refinishing service today.